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Mongolian National Data Center was established by Government Resolution 183th that issued on June 24th 2009, according to the implementation of project framework such as “E- Government”, “E –Mongolia”, “Registration Integrated Unified System”, “Ensure National Information Security” National Programs. MNDC is funded by government, responsible for stability, security, reliability of Mongolian national electronic data system.


Establish a national data center as major improvements in the Integrity and availability of Government united database through the integration and centralizing of distributed information system of each government.


MNDC is responsible for Mongolian Electronic Data as following:

  1. Storage and Security

  • Processing

  • Development


  1. Establish all basic infrastructures

  2. Provides reliable operation of server systems

  3. Support for a flawless access and quick service

Those are required for the implementation of E-Government service.


In accordance with obligations, Mongolian National Data Center is responsible for as following: